So, I am into birds. And as a bird-watcher, it’s kind of like being a detective. You learn how to hear the slightest sound, to identify the slightest movement. And that’s exactly the detail oriented detective word my team and I take to your books and the financial foundation of your business. I’ve had a passion for numbers for years. People’s transformation stories just light be up! That’s why I am so passionate about supporting you to grow your business  by shining a light on their financial picture and doing what it takes to create ease and scalability.” 

With over 30 years of financial reporting experience, she knows that when you take care of your money, your money takes care of you! Christina loves working with passionate business owners who have a vision to impact the world. Her full cycle bookkeeping company delivers custom processes and reports and personalized services that provide peace of mind and clarity to driven entrepreneurs. Christina’s strength is in her ability to connect to the visions of her clients so that they know they are supported completely.

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Watch the videos below to learn more about the keeper of the books, and how CLN’s detail-oriented nature is all about supporting you to take flight!

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