Onboarding Process

Welcome to CLN Booking! We are excited to support all of your bookkeeping, client-care, or tax-time readiness needs. As part of the onboarding process, please follow these steps to get prepared for our first meeting. This process is important for determining your individual business needs and efficiently building the systems to support the growth of your business.

Step One

Complete the intake form.

Step Two

Schedule a call with us.

Step Three

Gather important information.

Step Four

View the guides and tutorials.

Review the tutorials and guides below to prepare for your call as needed. Then, you are all set! Click here to finish this intake process.

Complete the Onboarding Process

Guides and Tutorials

For the most efficient call, provide our team with the appropriate permissions for relevant accounts (i.e. Paypal, Quickbooks, STRIPE etc.) You can view our guides and tutorials on how to add users to your STRIPE account, add an accountant to Quickbooks, and add users in PayPal.

Download the CLN Guides PDF

Video Tutorial – How to add users to PayPal